Do you use real golf clubs and balls?

Yes you play with real balls and clubs. You can bring your own clubs or we have complimentary clubs available for you to use.

How does it work to ensure it is accurate?

The E6 simulators use a range of motion and sound sensors to accurately pick up club face, speed and direction of your hit and use sophisticated technology to convert the gathered information into “real life” ball tracking. The E6 technology also adjusts the degree of difficulty and how your ball must be played according to where your ball lies ie. rough, bunkers etc.

Do I have to be a golfer to play?

No our simulators cater to everyone whether you’re a beginner or pro or just having a hit for fun. People of all ages and physical ability are able to play too.

Can you teach me how to play/improve my game?

Yes we have coaching/lessons available.

How do you putt on the simulators?

The E6 technology allows you to putt as you would toward the hole in normal golf play. The ball rolls over our true roll turf and specialised sensors are engaged to accurately read your putt.